GIRLS natación al aire libre 2015

GIRLS swimming outdoors 2015

GIRLS swimming outdoors 2015

+++ Attention, attention! Due to the big run on the girls outdoor pool tour unfortunately all the bags are already gone +++

We look forward to next year!

The sun is blazing and you have a great day with your girls at the outdoor pool. We’ll go to your ABF date and surprise you with some really nice girlie stuff. Come on the outdoor pool tour!

This time around, a super luxurious beach rug from Gillette Venus is hidden in the cool goody bags that you can really get cozy in. Another great extra is the Gillette Venus Satin Care shaving gel with aloe vera in the MÄDCHEN outdoor pool travel bag!

The campaign runs throughout the day during the opening hours of the outdoor pool and then while the supply of GIRL bags lasts.

And here you can find the participating outdoor pools! The campaign takes place all day, that is, during the opening hours of the respective outdoor pool. Outdoor tour begins July 18. in all outdoor pools at the same time and then works while the supply of surprise bags lasts!

* Heidelberg, Freizeit-Bad Tiergartenstraße * Berlin, Plötzensee pool * Brandenburg, Marienbad * Bremen, Stadionbad * Hamburg, Bondenwald pool * Hamburg, mainland * Frankfurt, Hausen pool * Kassel, Auebad * Röbel, Müritz Therme Strandbad * Celle, Celler Badeland * Oldenburg, pool Am Flötenteich * Dortmund, Revierpark Wischlingen brine pool * Duisburg, all-weather pool Walsum * Düsseldorf, pool Rheinbad * Essen, Grugabad * Bad Dürkheim, Salinarium * Bitburg, CASCADE * Saarbrücken, pool Schwarzenberg * Rabemnitz-Arnhold *, reservoir -Bad * Leipzig, Sommerbad Schönefeld * Magdeburg, NAUTICA – The world of water * Neumünster, Bad am Stadtwald * Erfurt, Nordbad * Hohenfelden, Stausee amusement park (bathing lake) * Würzburg, Dallenbergbad * Nuremberg, West outdoor pool * Germering, Germering outdoor swimming pool, lidoberlin -West * Karlsruhe, Rappenwörtbad

And here you can find all the information about the GIRLS Styling Tour 2015