Las chicas con estos nombres son las más populares de la camarilla.

Girls with these names are the most popular in the clique.

Girls with these names are the most popular in the clique.

These are the first popular names among women.

If your name is Charlotte, Sophie, Hanna, Katharina, Nele or Marie, you immediately give the impression that you come from a good family and are well educated. Scientists discovered that the names are associated with intelligent and educated girls. However, with the names Chantal, Mandy and Angelina, the effect is sadly more negative. A survey of teachers showed that girls with these names tend to be more cheeky and even get lower grades, and the names are also less popular with young people.

You only know if you have a weird name!

Of course it is unfairwhen some names are more successful at school, at work, or in gangs. But apparently names convey such a first impression that you can hardly walk away from them, even if you can’t help yourself with your own name, because you got it from your parents. Also, we all know two people with the same name who are completely different in character and of paternal origin. But don’t worry: once you get to know people better, those prejudices quickly fade, because in the end the most important thing is character and behavior.

These are stupid prejudices against teens

Guys like these female names

Your name makes a first impression on guys too! According to a survey, children find the female names Hanna, Katharina, Lena, Claudia and Sophie attractive. Names that are a bit older like Petra and Silvia sound less sexy to her. But the guys have also confirmed that this is only based on first impressions. Character and appearance are more important to them than name. Luck!