Los titulares de Girocard ahora pagan sin contacto hasta 50 euros sin PIN

Girocard holders now pay contactless up to 50 euros without PIN

Girocard holders now pay contactless up to 50 euros without PIN

For people with a money order there is also a change for contactless payment these days, the PIN entry is only due from 50 euros.

This change was announced a few weeks ago – Girocard users now only have to enter their PIN for contactless payments for higher amounts. The German banking industry is reacting to the fact that contactless payment has become particularly popular in times of the crown crisis. If you pay contactless with your Girocard, you only have to enter the PIN for purchases of 50 euros or more.

There is also a PIN request for smaller purchases, that is, at regular intervals for security reasons.

PIN from 50 euros or after 5 transactions maximum

“All bank authorization systems have now been prepared for the new limit, and the first network operators and retailers initially started the changes as part of a pilot. As of today, customers can already pay with the increased limit at dealerships in Hamburg, Kassel, Frankfurt and Munich. Comprehensive changes will follow. It can be assumed that many other resellers will change over the next few weeks and months due to the high level of interest in this solution.

For their own security and due to legal requirements, cardholders must re-enter the PIN after a maximum of five transactions or after a total amount of a maximum of 150 euros.