"Glass Blonde": por qué amamos tanto los colores de cabello de moda

“Glass Blonde”: Why We Love Trendy Hair Colors So Much

"Glass Blonde": why we love trendy hair colors so much

Perfect for the summer!

Not a week goes by without a new hair color trend! At least if the best hairstylists in America have their way! Now very popular: the “Glass Blonde” hair color. We will tell you what is behind the latest news and in which types the color is particularly good.

After “Nude Blonde,” “Peach Blonde,” and pink babylights, an entirely new hair color is taking the world of all blondes by storm. We are talking about “Glass Blonde”. Because the color makes blonde hair shine with especially natural nuances and shine and is therefore the ideal solution for everyone who wants a little change of type at the beginning of summer.

That is what is special about the trend color “Glass Blonde”

The popular “Glass Blonde” color also involves the elaborate balayage technique. This means that the hair is partially or completely bleached and lightened. The hair is gently stroked at the roots and only occasionally seen with light streaks. This creates the most natural whitening effect possible. Then the highlights are covered with a glitter. This creates highlights in a wide variety of blonde shades and the hair appears particularly full, healthy and supple.

However, freshly colored hair always needs special care. These are the best products for crystal blonde hair:

“Glass Blonde”: Who is a better fit?

The trend color “Glass Blonde” is very light, but also completely natural. That is why both brown and blonde hair are suitable as a starting color. All that matters is finding the right shades of blonde for your own type and using a cool or golden shade depending on the type.

In no case should the blonde have a yellow tint. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you go to the salon to get the perfect “crystal blonde” look. Only he and his trained staff know which color shades suit you best. They also have the necessary experience with special balayage techniques. Fortunately, thanks to adapted hygienic measures, this is no longer a problem even in Corona times.

But even without color, you can give your hair a little style update again:

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