Cosméticos sin gluten: por qué estos productos de belleza también merecen la pena para personas no alérgicas

Gluten-free cosmetics: why these beauty products are also worthwhile for non-allergic people

Gluten-free cosmetics: why these beauty products are also worthwhile for non-allergic people

wantedon November 19, 2014 | 15:25

Anyone suffering from gluten intolerance, known as celiac disease in technical jargon, not only has to pay close attention to their diet and avoid pasta, pizza and bread, for example, many cosmetic products also contain ingredients that could trigger the allergy. But also for women with very sensitive skin, lipsticks with the “gluten-free” label seem to have added value. Find out all about the gluten-free trend and what it really brings here and in our image gallery.

In the United States, it has been popular for some time to make all products, whether food or cosmetics, as “gluten-free” as possible and use them to advertise them in campaigns. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow have long known that they have banned gluten entirely and swear that gluten-free diets are skinny and thin. Even the wedding cake of Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former president of the United States, was gluten-free, although she does not suffer from any intolerance. Gluten-free has become an absolute trend and the hype can also be seen in this country: you can now find a large selection of gluten-free foods in mainstream supermarkets. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cosmetic industry is not long in coming. But is the sticky protein gluten really to be demonized as the industry claims to be or is it just a deceptive advertising ploy? We will investigate this question below.

Good to know: what exactly is gluten?

Celiac disease, that is, intolerance to gluten, manifests itself through a hypersensitivity of the mucosa of the small intestine, caused by gluten. So far there have been no medications against this chronic disease and those affected have no choice but to avoid gluten in daily life. A glance at the ingredient list for bread, pastries, cakes, pasta or pizza should show that this is sometimes not so easy, because gluten is used there to make the loose dough. Many finished products and ice cream also contain gluten because it acts as a binder. Therefore, the selection of “normal” foods is not exactly wide. However, for healthy people, gluten is harmless and only about one percent of the population is allergic to it.

That’s why “gluten-free” might still be worth it.

And yet the hype about gluten-free products is not entirely unwarranted. Because the ingredients are always worth a look: wheat bran extract, wheat protein, and wheat germ oil are often found in our beauty products, such as hair shampoo, body lotion or balm. lip. There they can irritate and irritate the skin and lead to rashes, itching and swelling, and not just for allergy sufferers. So if you have very sensitive skin, gluten-free products could be the solution. Healthy people have to prove for themselves if it is really due to gluten and try different products. It may or may not be a cause. Unlike the US and Germany with gluten-free foods, gluten-free beauty products are not yet endorsed with a crossed-out ear of wheat, the uniform label. If you want to pay attention to the ingredients contained, you should pay more attention to the Latin names for wheat (Triticum aestivum), rye (Secale Cereale), barley (Hordeum vulgare), spelled (Triticum Spelta) or oats (Avena Strigosa) and avoid them. .

For those of you who are taking too much time, we’ve put together a selection of everyday beauty products in our image gallery that are guaranteed gluten-free.

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