Google está impulsando la conversión de Gmail, en la aplicación y también en la web

Gmail is rebuilding for Android, now Meet has its own tab (can be disabled)

Google is integrating another service into its own mail app, because Google Meet has also been well received by private customers in recent months.

Google will donate various modifications to its Gmail application in the future. Just a few days ago, Google announced that it would integrate several new tabs into the Gmail mobile app to offer additional services directly in Gmail. When this announcement was made, it was not immediately clear if only work accounts or really all end customers would be affected. The Meet integration, which is now rolling out, seems a bit clearer.

Meet: Focus on private clients now?

In the “Rate of Implementation” section, Google writes that it will be available for “personal Google accounts” within the next 15 days. Or to put it another way: Meet should appear in all Gmail apps for every user using a current version of the app on Android and iOS. Meet was actually a tool for work, but Google released it for free to private clients three months ago. This idea was successful, the download numbers skyrocketed.

Meeting in Gmail is not an obligation

Now Google seems to want to increase the usage time of Meet. Which, of course, works well when placing Meet conspicuously in other popular Google apps. Facebook does something similar with its rooms, it has links integrated into WhatsApp and Co. By the way, we are not required to meet, that’s the good news. Meet can also be hidden again at any time in the Gmail application settings.

Meet: the video conferencing hype caused by Corona

What is Meet anyway? A tool for video conferencing, primarily with a focus on larger conferences. I already had several presentations about it and I was very impressed. In any case, it works stably and clearly. Like Zoom and Co., Google Meet has been experiencing a real stir since the beginning of the year, and Google wants to take it with them.

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