Los clientes de GMX y Web.de pueden recibir cartas anunciadas con anticipación por correo electrónico

GMX and Web.de customers can receive letters announced in advance by email

GMX and Web.de customers can receive letters announced in advance by email

The mailbox is being updated: Deutsche Post has announced that customers of Web.de and GMX can now receive announced letters by email.

There have been various approaches to merging email and posting (I like to remind you of De-Mail), but perhaps the two channels have just been shown to complement each other well. With the so-called E-Post, Deutsche Post customers can receive a photo of the letters they expect during the day sent by email before delivery. However, that costs a lot: around 25 euros a month.

With the letter announcement, we combine email and letter traffic in a single mailbox, which is a pioneering step in the context of the increasing digitization of communication. The email inbox is already the central switching point for online communication between businesses and customers.

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Notification by letter for “one in two Internet users in Germany” free of charge

The German company 1 & 1, which operates the two email providers GMX and Web.de, has now announced a cooperation with Deutsche Post. The good thing about it: The service of photographing the envelope beforehand is completely free for around 34 million customers. (“The announcement of the letter is available for every second German Internet user”).

All letter announcements are electronically signed by Deutsche Post. WEB.DE and GMX verify this signature and therefore make sure that the emails are actually sent by Deutsche Post. For the user, the letter announcements are clearly recognizable by the display of the WEB.DE or GMX email seal and the Deutsche Post brand logo.

As part of the automated processing, photos of around 55 million letters are already taken daily, for example for the E-Post service. But don’t worry: “Post mail photos are automatically created in accordance with German data protection and security standards at Deutsche Post’s ultra-modern sorting centers,” the press release says. The whole process complies with data protection regulations and does not delay the delivery process in any way.

Digital chart content from 2021 for GMX and Web.de customers

But why stop there when you could also look at the letter? This is announced by Deutsche Post in cooperation with GMX and Web.de for next year. Users should be able to find a digital copy of their email in their email inbox; that would be the full scope of E-Post-Scan, if I’m correct.

It has not yet been revealed if this will also be available for free. For this service, however, “the participation of the respective sender as well as the explicit consent of the user is a prerequisite.” After the introduction, the partners would also offer an option for secure end-to-end (PGP) encryption.