GNTM 2010: el nuevo jurado

GNTM 2010: the new jury

The best news, all information about the candidates and much more can be found in the special Next Topmodel 2011 from Germany! Click here for the article:

>> Germany’s Next Top Model 2011

Alisar did it: he won the fifth season of GNTM!

>> Alisar Ailabouni is the next top model of Germany 2010

Great vote! Who is your favorite in Germanys Next Top Model 2010? Vote here!

>> Germanys Next Topmodel Poll 2010!

Neele narrowly missed the jump to the final: Alisar, Hanna and Laura are now fighting for the title of “Germany’s Next Top Model 2010”!

>> Watch the news: Neele is out!

So now Louisa has it! In the third of the last episode of Germany’s Next Top Model, the sweet blonde was kicked out, supposedly she’s simply “too short” for the runway. Fair or unfair?

>> To the news: Louisa is out

The first 5 have already voted, now the Bild has published a new secret list with the last 3 candidates. Who should go to the final and who shouldn’t? Check out the GNTM spoiler!

>> GNTM Top 3: A new secret list has emerged!

GNTM candidate Louisa may not be the perfect runway size, but she still gets job after job. In the last episode, it worked out his first commercial shoot. Take a look behind the scenes and find out what Louisa has to say about the shoot, Germany’s next top model, and model stars like Claudia Schiffer.

>> Check the making of the session and the interview

And the GNTM spoilers were right this year too! The top 5 candidates are Alisar, Louisa, Hanna, Laura, Neele. Goodbye is the motto of two girls: Pauline and Leyla are out.

>> These are the top 5

A member of the jury has to go: Heidi Klum kicks out Qualid “Q” Ladraa; His contract will not be extended, according to media reports.

>> To the news: Heidi Klum shoots “Q”!

For the first time, the boss herself was behind the camera: in Episode 9 Heidi Klum photographed the girls from “Germany’s Next Topmodel” in a sensual lingerie shoot. Wioleta had to fly home.

Dressed only in tiny kelp and seaweed suits, there were many fights while filming on the beach. And even with full contact with a real snake, a tear or two gushed out… In the end, the surprise: Miriam didn’t get a photo!

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Last year star photographer Rankin made the girls at GNTM shake, this time they were shot with flames of fire. That and a runway training was waiting for the candidates in episode 7! In the end he said: Goodbye, Cathérine and Nadine.

>> Check the news: GNTM episode 7

With their hair freshly cut from the big makeover from the last episode, the Germanys Next Topmodel candidates could look forward to another highlight – they moved into the model villa in Los Angeles! Luisa had to go.

Attention, the next spoiler of the German top model: according to a major German newspaper, the top 5 candidates have already been determined. Do you want to know who? Then check them out here

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In New York, the big makeover was waiting for the GNTM girls. In the end, Lara Emsen didn’t get a photo. Also: Candidates Leyla and Alisar were photographed shopping with Heidi Klum!

On the beach in Cape Town, South Africa, the 2010 Germanys Next Topmodel candidates experienced their first big shoot with Kristian Schuller.

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GNTM at Munich Airport – Candidate Pauline joined! In the end, Miss Russia and Kera had to say goodbye with Freddy’s ear. 18 girls flew to Cape Town.

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For the top model candidates, the second episode went to Berlin: a session at the wax figure museum and the first big fashion show at Anja Gockel’s were waiting for them.

2000 girls attended the Germanys Next Topmodel big casting in Cologne – 31 survived the first live walk and first photoshoot and are looking forward to the trip to Berlin

Cheryl cole sings the title track of Germanys Next Topmodel 2010: “Fight for this love.”