GNTM 2011: episodio 4

GNTM 2011: episode 4

GNTM 2011: episode 4

+ Live walk on the plane wing

As soon as they arrived in Los Angeles, a walk of a different kind awaited the GNTM candidates. After all, there was no gangway, they had to demonstrate their skills on the wing of an airplane. And the 20 girls also had to share 10 outfits. Backstage stress was inevitable. Not all the girls were able to convince Jorge and the jury, so only 19 got a red suitcase in the end. by Christien the trip went straight home: triple steps don’t suit Heidi. Franziska on the other hand, he had a chance despite a failed order and open shoes. Courage must be rewarded, GNTM jury members said.

+ Dr. Megavolt and the thunderbolt

To the photoshoot Matt McCabes! Dr. Megavolt, who diligently fired 200,000 volt lightning bolts into a wire cage. In which the models were standing and laughing as sexy as possible at their efforts. Without touching the cage, because otherwise the grill model is in fashion. Not all made it: the poor Sarah Although she was the first to venture to the front and was also praised, according to Heidi, she lagged far behind compared to the following girls. To eliminate the “schoolgirl poses” and the “lady laugh” of the other girls, a model had to be Rebecca show how to do it right. That made luxury envy!

+ Great casting for Mentos

What a job! The big casting was about a nationwide campaign for Mentos. GNTM candidates had to imagine chewing gum as a fruit hanging high on the tree. And how do you prove that? Exactly, you send the girls to a climbing wall! Once again shone Rebecca – with a six pack and a beaming smile. Anna-Lena, on the other hand, reached into the toilet, because she couldn’t even climb, because the customer found an autograph in her photo album. That didn’t go well: “Wrong autograph, wrong girl.”, said Star photographer Kristian Schuller. Bad luck! In the end I could Aleksandra convince the customer. Not only did he land a great job, but also a ticket to the next round!

+ Sky Heels Decision Hike

While Aleksandra was hanging on the tree with a smile in the wind and cold, catching gum, the other girls had to walk on the cat in soaring heels. Everyone except Joana, who wanted to go home. You’re not very good at the reality TV fuss. Okaaaay….

Lack of understanding and resentment among others, understandably. In the end he got up Joana But then she went on and put on her high heels. Heidi gave him her opinion and gave him a choice: a photo or a plane ticket home. Joana took the photo, which was not a big surprise. We are curious to know how the little diva will continue.

And what else was there in the making walk besides lots of photos? Marie-Luise He had to dance again and he was as bad as ever; Anna-Lena Heidi warned not to always play the part of a girl and to eventually grow up and Amely “Cleared the field from behind”. Superior hike, superior charisma. If you couldn’t convince and had to take the plane home, that was Amira..

Conclusion: Much scolding against Rebecca the strong Tahnee he is an impostor who always dons the best outfits and where everything always seems fixed, Joana’s walk-that-stays-posture and two less GNTM candidates – a successful episode Germany’s Next Top Model. Or what do you mean?

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