4 secretos de la reina de las compras que nadie conoce

GNTM 2011

4 secrets of the shopping queen that nobody knows

Bets are already being made on who will win Germany’s Next Top Model 2011! Which girl will follow in the footsteps of Sara Nuru, Lena Gercke and Alisar Ailabouni? After Chiara-Isabelle was eliminated in the last episode, 24 girls are now fighting for the crown of top model. Wait … 24 girls?

If you look closely at the image from episode 3 of “Germanys Next Topmodel-by Heidi Klum”, it shows that only 20 girls are smiling at the camera. What happened to the other four? Why was it not broadcast on television that they were eliminated? Or did you go out voluntarily?

next Chiara still missing in the picture Lilia. Who is lilia Lilia has hardly been seen all season. According to rumors, they were deliberately (retrospectively?) Removed from the episodes. So that due to his young age and potential, he can compete in GNTN again next year.

In general, you see a lot of the girls very infrequently. In episodes 1 and 2, so much was reported about some girls’ gossip and fights that others were left behind. After two broadcasts, everyone is upset with Sarah, but you don’t know what Lilia or Lisa-Marie are like! According to information from a well-known GNTM blog, these girls are in the top 15:

1. Aleksandra Nagel 2. Amelie3. Anna-Lena 4. Christien Fleischhauer 5. Florence 6. Isabel Rath 7. Jana8. Jil9. Joana10. Natascha Beil 11. Rebecca Mir 12. Sarah13. See 14. Simone15. Valerie

Do you believe the rumors Can you explain why there are only 20 girls in the photo? You can find all the information about episodes 1 and 2 in the GNTM 2011 overview.