GNTM 2012: alarma de incendio

GNTM 2012: fire alarm

“Today I don’t want girls to be beautiful and make pretty faces, I want them to show fear. I want to see this fear in his eyes. ” With this phrase, Heidi announces the great shooting at GNTM 2012. The girls are supposed to jump out of a burning house and the very thought of this risky affair disturbs the girls.

Even Luisa Hartema, one of the big companies at GNTM 2012, is nervous: “I hope I don’t have to scream, then all is lost”. Because her shyness often gets in the way of Luisa. Will you continue to meet the high demands of this expressive session or will Luisa Hartema not take a photo?

After the action-packed shoot, she’ll be really sexy again at GNTM 2012. Like model mom Heidi, GNTM 2012 candidates have to float like Victoria’s Secret angels over the runway, including a huge balloon train! It’s not that easy for girls!

For whom does the GNTM 2012 jury have a photo and for which girl is the dream of Germany’s next top model? You can find out all this on Thursday April 19 at 20:15 in Pro Sieben at Germanys Next Topmodel 2012.

Do you have the prospect at GNTM 2012? Here are all the candidates

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