GNTM 2012: Maxi está fuera

GNTM 2012: Maxi is out

Last year, a latte maker attracted the girls to Brazil: Jana Beller was able to get the campaign.In 2012, the travel destination is Tahiti. At the casting, the girls had to take a sip of latte. Diana, Inga, Kasia, Lisa and Luisa were shortlisted – Diana finally won the race! Not funny: Maxi. The other girls didn’t really treat her either. “There is not a single girl who has not fought with her”Sara said. But the gossip was forgotten when the candidates discovered the location for the next photo session: the Los Angeles Convention Center, at an elevation of 13 m. “It goes high”Heidi Klum promised. “But this is not just a test of bravery, it is a haute couture photo shoot.”Despite her fear of heights, Luisa did a great job! Sarah-Anessa got into trouble too, even having a little nervous breakdown after her shoot. But there was a payoff for this: the two of them flew to New York with Heidi Klum! Dressed and perfectly styled by Roberto Cavalli himself, Sarah-Anessa and Luisa shone with Heidi Klum on the red carpet at the amfAR gala. They even got to know Cindy Crawford! Heidi was a bit disappointed with her “silent fish”. Due to their shyness, the two of them couldn’t utter a word. Back in Los Angeles, gifts awaited the girls – after the initial joy over the shoe boxes, disappointment came: Dancing shoes?! The solution to the puzzle was a Irish dance training with top model Coco Rochashe even had to learn folk dance choreography for a fashion show. For decision day, the girls also had to rehearse a dance! Last minute workouts: It was especially difficult for Diana, Sarah-Anessa and Luisa, because they could only learn the dance steps on the day of the decision because they were traveling beforehand. Kasia with tears: I couldn’t tell if it was homesickness or some other pain. Tears of joy rolled against her as she held her photo in her hands after a successful Irish dance. There Dominique he had a foot injury, he was not allowed to dance. The jury thought her Charlie Chaplin performance was funny, and there was a picture for her! Lack of training made itself felt Louise Notable, she was also criticized for her reluctance in New York, but so did one round. The Wall of Fame emerged this week Evelyn! Maxi Not only did he dance badly, but he also cursed Diana. The receipt: You didn’t get a photo!All overGermany’s Next Top Model 2012 You can find out in the big special!