GNTM 2012: Melek está fuera

GNTM 2012: Melek is out

A particularly difficult fashion show awaits girls in Mexico: a catwalk with stairs! It is not an easy task in the elaborate and long clothes. Luisa Hartema in particular has difficulties: her pants get caught in high heels, she trips and lets them see her, not very professional. A big plus for Lisa Volz: she is allowed to present the wedding dress, the highlight of each show, what an honor for the 20-year-old!

Back in Los Angeles, the next session is already waiting for the GNTM candidates. Girls are supposed to jump out of a burning house And fear must be in their eyes An explosive challenge. Heidi and photographer Mat McCabe want to see strong expression in girls. It’s not about being beautiful, it’s about getting your emotions out. This shoot is very difficult for Melek. She is too tense and stiff and her fear does not seem real. Heidi is not satisfied with Melek’s performance and Melek is also disappointed in herself. Does the botched shoot mean the end for Melek? The best are Evelyn and Inga. And in Malibu: in a commercial casting with Opel, the candidates of GNTM 2012 have to show their acting talent. The story: The first vacation is approaching together with the friend. The car is full of love, but then there is an argument. What girl can convince in this role? Luisa and Melek in particular have great difficulties. Luisa is too shy to appear in love, Melek is completely reserved. Inga, Lisa and Sara put on a great performance. The director agrees. For the final decision, the three girls from GNTM 2012 have to act against each other in bikini again! Lisa wins Opel’s 2012 GNTM casting and the next day the place will be shot. Is there a real actress sleeping in Lisa? She masters the task with flying colors. The next day, the decision at GNTM 2012 must be made again. But Sara Kulka is completely disbanded: the jury has learned of her big secret. Heidi confronts Sara. Although Sara used to dance at a strip club, she is still allowed to participate in GNTM 2012, but she is totally out of it. Runway training with Victoria’s Secret Angel and top model Angela Lindvall can’t cheer her up either. >> Click here for our news: Sara was a stripper!

A dream come true for the girls during the live walk: a walk like that of the big Victoria’s Secret shows. In lingerie, they should show what they have learned in a sexy and playful way with a long tail of balloons. The great reward: Girls who have done particularly well at GNTM 2012 can fly to Paris for Fashion Week.

Luisa’s success at GNTM 2012 comes to an end: Heidi criticizes her harshly, the shooting was bad and the live walk boring. The first tears flow from Luisa. But Thomas Rath can cheer her up, he takes her to Paris with Evelyn and Diana! Melek’s gait is totally stiff and her perfectionist manner prevents her from being relaxed. Heidi doesn’t see any development in the GNTM 2011 candidate – her dream of GNTM 2012 has come to an end here. What do you say?

The winners of the episode: Dominique’s photo went to the Wall of Fame, Lisa got a job and the wedding dress at the fashion show.

Do you know all the candidates for GNTM 2012?