GNTM 2012: ¿Ganará Lisa?

GNTM 2012: Will Lisa Win?

GNTM 2012: Will Lisa Win?

While Luisa Hartema was increasingly marginalized in the ninth episode of GNTM 2012, Lisa felt really pressured. Not only was she convincing at auditions, but the camera showed her quite often too. Lisa volz

That speaks for Lisa as GNTM 2012:+ the camera shows it very often + wins an important casting with a commercial session + is not too shy to fulfill all the tasks of GNTM

When filming the Opel commercial, Lisa was also praised for being the guy the car company is looking for – pretty, natural, and personable!

By the way, Lisa Volz is 20 years old, comes from Saarland and is studying music management. Lisa also gained modeling experience prior to GNTM. Check out their photos here:

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