GNTM 2013: Edición musical

GNTM 2013: Music Edition

GNTM 2013: Music Edition

+++ Shoot like music icons with Brian B. Smith +++

May makes the exit and jumps uncontrollably in front of the gymnastic bar instead of lying like Madonna. Heidi is disappointed in Maike’s performance. Lovelyn She dances like Beyonce in a bathing suit in front of the camera and Heidi is satisfied. Now it’s getting difficult: Luise aka Elvis Presley swings his hips and doesn’t really come out. Pity! Sabrina He took advantage of the night and learned the choreography from Britney. She gets a big compliment from Heidi: “You were the best so far.” And already Luise and Maike are jealous and upset that Sabrina had the easier role. Marie she’s pretty close to her musical icon: like Michael Jackson, she rocks the dance floor. Ana Maria she can show Rihanna how well she can sing and she does a great performance.

+++ Casting: who will be the new face of Maybelline? +++

Which girl from GNTM can convince at the casting and will she be the new face of Maybelline? During filming with Kristian Schuller, the girls give it their all again, because everyone wants the job! Luise, Anna Maria and Maike are shortlisted, to the horror of the girls. Because they cannot understand that Maike has gone further. “Kotz, Würg, Brech” is Sabrina’s comment. Luise wins the race. Congratulations! Anna Maria is super disappointed.

+++ Shoot with Luise +++

Before her big day, Luise hardly slept due to her excitement. Kristian Schuller gives you very precise instructions, but a good photo won’t work right away. Luise needs a little time, but then she gets going and everyone is happy.

+++ Streaming Music Videos with Blue +++

Pop band “Blue” is looking for a lead actress for their new video “Without you”. Now it takes talent to act. Marie and Lovelyn are supposed to flirt with the boys. Sabrina has to fake an argument and everyone is excited. Then it’s Maike’s turn and he shoots a little over the target. In her role as a betrayed wife, she gets violent and pushes Simon von Blue through the garden. Whoops! Anna Maria was able to convince in her role as an abandoned friend and she has the job. Everyone else gets a supporting role except Lovelyn.

+++ decision +++

And again it’s about music – the girls have to master the live walk in the style of different musical directions. Luise rock like punk and earn lots of accolades. Marie She receives a lot of criticism from Thomas and Enrique in the Gothic style, but Heidi takes her under protection: Marie is an unstable candidate. Lovelyn You go one lap ahead, but you have to try harder. Sabrina grooves in hip hop style on the runway, and skip straight to next week. As much as Ana Maria – Had a great week and won the jury. Maike couldn’t really convince either, now the decision is made by Marie and Maike. Marie hits: for her, the dream of GNTM 2013 is over. Pity!

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