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GNTM 2015 Top 5

“” has its target everywhere: now they have published photos showing five GNTM candidates. Are these the five finalists? Or did Heidi just take some of the girls to travel to New Zealand for a job? At least that wouldn’t be the first time.

+ + Heidi is in New Zealand + + with five girls

Heidi Klum was recently in Auckland to present her own lingerie collection. He then revealed on New Zealand television that filming for the 10th season of GNTM is also in progress: “Five of my girls are here with me right now. We are filming in New Zealand and they love it. “

+ + Are these the top 5? + +

According to “Bild am Sonntag”, the five should Anuthida Sueray (17) from Lübeck, Jüli Ürküt (17) from Oberbrücken, Vanessa fuchs (18) from Bergisch Gladbach, Karina Wanderowksy (19) from Hamburg and Darya strelnikoya (22) be from Munich. 18-year-old Vanessa was already seen in the first episode: Heidi surprised her at her parents’ laundry!

Apparently, two of the five girls have already applied for the Klum lingerie fashion show and, according to the New Zealand Herald newspaper, the girls would also have the opportunity to have a photo shoot for the New Zealand fashion magazine “Remix”. We are definitely curious to see if one of Germany’s five Next Topmodel will be! What is certain is that they should at least go a long way in the show.

This was the first episode of GNTM 2015: that was episode 1

These five candidates are considered favorites: