GNTM 2017: así es como Celine Bethmann es privada

GNTM 2017: this is how Celine Bethmann is private

Privately, Céline Bethmann from GNTM 2017 is a a pretty clumsy guy. She describes herself as “Quite well organized”, but adds with a smile that he keeps getting into strange situations. For example, she is the only one with her school class on a walk on the beach. Pile of shit beaten. And that? – Don’t let such embarrassments spoil your contagious happiness.

GNTM: Celine has won

Heidi klum and its juries Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky were from Celine always enthusiastic. “I pierced my bright blue eyes, my freckles and my happy manners good chances of victory, she believes and must be right. Celine could do it Freckles he did not suffer at all when he was younger.