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“GNTM” -Anna-Lena: Happy about motherhood

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Completely unplanned

In the sixth season of GNTM, Anna-Lena Schubert stood out mainly for her exotic looks and direct form. Meanwhile, the model has changed a lot, because a few years ago surprisingly she became the mother of little Lilija.

Anna-Lena Schubert’s maternal happiness came unexpectedly, because her doctors were truly sure that the candidate “GNTM” could never get pregnant: a tear in the uterus should make it impossible to have children. “The fact that I still got pregnant was a sign to me: this child must be something very special,” says the 25-year-old in the “Promiflash” interview. Although the pregnancy process was not easy, it is said that the birth of her daughter was the best thing for her.

Anna-Lena is delighted

Despite her son, Anna-Lena Schubert does not want to give up her modeling job, so she continues to work hard in her career. How she copes with her everyday life between baby diapers and model casting, viewers can currently follow every Wednesday at 9:15 pm on RTL II “Models at Baby Gluck.” Anna-Lena achieves the balance between child and catwalk mainly thanks to the support of friends and her mother. Because they watch out for the little bundle of joy when mom is in front of the camera, it says on the RTL II website. However, Anna-Lena currently only describes herself as a part-time model.

Baby boom among the “GNTM” candidates

Model Anna-Lena with her cute daughter Lilly

By the way, Anna-Lena is not alone with her full-time job as a model mother, because some other “GNTM” colleagues have also had offspring. And they are also part of the RTL II format: in addition to former “Miss Tunning” Katharina Kuhlmann, Sara Kulka, Laura Weyel and Kasia Lenhardt also provide insight into their lives between motherhood and passion for models. And what about the future plans of Anna-Lena Schubert and her daughter Lilija? Anna-Lena definitely wouldn’t get in the way of a runway career, “Promiflash” reports: “I will support Lilija in all the decisions she makes afterward. You should be able to do what you like. “

It’s great how Anna-Lena and the other “GNTM” candidates dominate it all. Model mom Heidi Klum can be really proud of her daughters.

Image source: RTL II