GNTM: a Anna Maria no le gusta quedarse sin chocolate

GNTM: Anna Maria doesn’t like to run out of chocolate

GNTM: Anna Maria doesn't like to run out of chocolate


wantedthe 08/04/2013 | 15:31

As a candidate for “Germany’s Next Top Model”, Anna Maria has to pay attention to her body and especially her figure in order to earn a place in the modeling business. As she now reveals, it is very difficult for her to do without her beloved chocolate for “GNTM”.

When model mom Heidi Klum hears this: “GNTM” candidate Anna Maria seems to have a real sweet tooth, and most of all she can’t do without chocolate. In an interview with ProSieben, she revealed what her absolute favorite candy is. “Definitely chocolate”, “GNTM” candidate Anna Maria confirmed her passion for the candy calorie bomb.

GNTM candidate Anna Maria loves chocolate more than anything

“So at home I really eat at least one candy bar every day,” the 16-year-old model openly admitted. “GNTM” juror Heidi Klum is unlikely to be enthusiastic about this, even if Anna Maria is in good shape despite her preference. After all, she keeps telling her daughters on “GNTM” that a healthy, balanced diet and lots of sports are the key to success as a model.

“GNTM”: Anna Maria has a sweet tooth

After all, Heidi Klum’s words of caution appear to have sparked a change of mind in “GNTM” candidate Anna Maria. In the “Runway Edition”, the next episode of “GNTM”, he admitted self-criticism: “We all want to be models and we have to eat healthy.” The fact that a healthy diet not only has positive effects on the figure, but also on the skin must be accommodated by “GNTM” -Anna Maria. In the interview, she finally shows that she is dissatisfied. “I am one of those people, I am extremely picky about my skin. And I am very dissatisfied with my skin. I think they are mega filthy and that is why I would not leave the house without makeup ”, explained the young model.

“GNTM” candidate Anna Maria openly and honestly admits that she likes to reach for chocolate. We can understand that very well. And even as a successful model, you should enjoy a small reward in between!

Image Source: Facebook / Germany’s Next Top Model