GNTM-Anna Maria revela cómo se presenta al hombre de sus sueños

GNTM-Anna Maria reveals how she introduces herself to the man of her dreams

GNTM-Anna Maria reveals how she introduces herself to the man of her dreams

Sexy curly heads

wantedon 04/17/2013 | 10:04

The beautiful GNTM candidate Anna Maria reveals the criteria that the man of her dreams must meet. The beautiful brunette from GNTM already has a boyfriend, but now it turns out if he corresponds with the ideas of the dream man of the beautiful Anna Maria.

In an interview with ProSieben, GNTM candidate Anna Maria reveals what qualities shouldn’t be lacking in the man of her absolute dreams. Does your boyfriend meet the criteria of the dream man? At least since then, Julian Wolfarth always sits at his home in Neuenbürg in front of the TV on Thursdays and crosses his fingers for his girlfriend Anna Maria on GNTM. “It’s bad that she’s so far away. But my room is full of pictures of herI always look at them ”, reveals the 17-year-old in an interview with“ ”.

GNTM candidate Anna Maria likes males

Friend Anna Maria explains in an interview with ProSieben that she likes curly heads. “Before he had a curly head, today he has a fashionable hairstyle, explains the GNTM candidate.” But who would have thought that the beautiful brunette from GNTM would find the males interesting and Anna Maria would find it interesting. The worst part is when a guy keeps telling her how beautiful she is?

GNTM-Anna Maria has developed

Anna Maria’s friend says: “I always wish him the best of luck on the phone and tell him how good he looks on television.”reveals Julian on “”. But maybe Anna Maria doesn’t want to hear that. Anna Maria and her boyfriend Julian call 15 minutes a week. The 16-year-old appears to have matured during her time at GNTM. In the first few weeks, tears flowed during the makeover. Now, however, the beautiful Anna Maria works confident and satisfied with his look. Recently, she has become more and more a favorite among the girls of GNTM.

Hopefully, GNTM candidate Anna Maria and her boyfriend will manage to stay together despite the distance and little contact. Julain seems to be firmly behind the young model.

Image source: facebook / Germany’s Next Topmodel