GNTM: amenaza de bomba

GNTM: bomb threat

GNTM: bomb threat

+ + 9:21 pm: The first task + +

The girls have to play with their props and do a 10 second photo shoot during the walk. They must be sexy! We are excited to see how the girls will fare. Accessories include lollipops, cotton candy, and balloons. Ajsa opts for the lollipops, Anuthida grabs the cotton candy, and Vanessa naturally grabs the balloons.

+ + 9:19 pm: Yes, study + +

We are finally back in the studio. Hopefully we see some of the final three right now.

+ + 9:13 pm: Finally New York! + +

After almost an hour (!) Of reruns, it’s finally about New York and Ajsa, Anuthida and Vanessa’s flight there. Yes, finally something new!

+ + 8:52 pm: Reps over reps + +

It’s great that we now know what the final would have been like. At the moment GNTM is a single rep, rather boring …

+ + 8:34 pm: All winners + +

During the live show, the nine winners from last season must also walk. However, Jana Beller is not there. Rumors were circulating online that it was because he is said to have fought with Günther Klum’s agency. Heidi Klum says, however, that it’s because Jana has a death in the family and therefore couldn’t come.

+ + 8:22 pm: Review + +

Some more behind-the-scenes videos of the rehearsals in Mannheim will be shown. The jury wants to show what was really planned for the original ending. The reunion of the top 4 (then still) with the remaining top 20 is pretty garish. Who is Vanessa waiting for? Everyone else, but Darya doesn’t mention them. Tasks in the live finale would have been performing on an assembly line and posing with the finalists’ favorite candidates.

+ + 8:14 pm: Get started! + +

150 friends and family are in New York to support their favorite. Heidi is not wearing green today, but is wearing a short black dress with long fringes at the bottom. But why does the wool have a purple orchid on top of the jacket? Boutonniere? A little weird, but still eye-catching. And she’s wearing shoes with little white platform soles!

——– Information on the bomb threat on May 14, 2015 ———-

+ + New date for the final + +

Wuhu! the The date of the final has already been set. Pro Sieben announced the date to all fans on his Twitter account. Replaying the transmission must on May 28 at prime time, that is, at 8.15 pm. occur! Also, it will be in a “new way” will take place, GermanysNextTopmodel tweeted: We’re curious what the new finale will look like.