Los candidatos GNTM no conocen ningún orden

GNTM candidates do not know any order

GNTM candidates do not know any order

Total chaos!

wantedon 03/28/2013 | 10:09

The time has finally come and the GNTM candidates were allowed to move into the GNTM Villa. But Heidi’s girls have trouble keeping the model villa tidy.

Pure chaos reigns in the GNTM girls’ rooms. Prosieben’s “tough” team sneaked into the beautiful girls’ villa while the young models were in a shoot. Although the GNTM candidates recently moved into the model villa, it looks like a bomb has already been dropped. Dirty clothes, half-dead plants and food scraps are scattered throughout the village. What do the GNTM girls say?

GNTM candidates are messy

GNTM candidate Lovelyn explains the situation: “When we are free, of course we have to clean up a bit. With so many girls there are many out there “. The lovely Lovelyn then suggests to the “taff” team that they take a look at the next room. In fact: it seems even more chaotic with Janna, Marie, Anna-Maria, Veronika and Louise. There is even a cockroach crawling around the room. GNTM candidate Anna-Maria doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the mess: “I just have to keep telling them to clean up.”Anna-Maria complains, “because I really hate when there is something on the floor or when something is dirty or when glasses or plates like that are used, I don’t like that at all,” she explains. GNTM roommate and competitor Janna justifies the situation as follows: “It quickly looks messy, as soon as we put on our nightwear, the room looks like a shack again and then we clean it again.”

GNTM: Clutter in the Model Villa is nothing new

Already in the last seasons of GNTM there were problems with the order in the model villa. This means that the girls will continue the tradition this year. In the final season of GNTM, an Ameistenstrasse leading to leftover food was accommodated in the pretty candidates’ model villa.

We can understand that the GNTM girls barely have time to clean, as they are away most of the time. But at least they can throw away the food scraps, because the so-called trash can was not invented in vain.

Image source: facebook / Germany’s Next Topmodel