GNTM: Episodio 1

GNTM: Episode 1

GNTM: Episode 1

+++ In high heels on the treadmill

What did the girls have to master in the first episode of GNTM season 6? First, a world record attempt was started: in high heels, everyone had to cover 165.5 km in one hour on a treadmill. After the world record attempt, more than 90 plasters were used and a meter and a half sold, Heidi Klum said: “It’s completely normal, in this job you get a blister here and there. And I also had an open wound ”. Immediately after the first girls went straight home …

By the way, Jorge was completed with extreme outdoor runway training in the snow. What the model candidates found almost unanimously strange and pointless. do you agree with them?

+++ On stage with Ke $ ha +++

After the first ejection, there were adrenaline-fueled moments for the remaining girls: Along with “Tik Tok” star Ke $ ha, they performed in front of a massive audience! It was a long way until then, because only a few girls were able to convince the audiences of the audition with a crazy walk and shake the stage as a reward with Ke $ ha.

+++ Wobble Catwalk! +++

But that’s not all, because it was followed by a real slide! The 40 cm wide walkway over the pool wobbled and did not offer the perfect starting conditions for a successful performance: the GNTM girls were not given any closed time; under the strict gaze of the jury with Heidi Klum and her new colleagues Thomas Rath and Thomas Hayo, 50 candidates from Germany’s Next Top Model 2011 try out.

Track coach Jorge gonzalez demonstrated the difficult exercise in Plexiglass heels. Only those who hit the straight line in the middle made it; with the others, a misstep was also a step towards expulsion. Because: Again it was said for a couple of GNTM candidates “Out of home”.

+++ Who is also in the second episode of GNTM 2011? +++

At the end of the first episode of Germany’s Next Top Model, only 25 girls still dream of becoming a model. By the way, this also includes Joana, whom we met in Munich. By the way, the next leg of the GNTM trip is London …

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