GNTM: Episodio 7

GNTM: Episode 7

GNTM: Episode 7

++ Germany’s Next Top Model in Las Vegas

As soon as they arrived in Las Vegas, the model candidates have already started their first filming: on the stage of the famous Cirque du Soleil, everything revolves around the trapeze. Heidi Klum’s announcement was: Don’t be too cute despite ballerina dresses, but be nervous! Sarah was able to implement this instruction perfectly, despite her initial fear of falling into the water. But some other models couldn’t handle the situation at all – Rebecca was definitely too cute in the eyes of the jury and even fell into the pool at the end. His GNTM competitors didn’t care: he was waving with joy!

But other girls had to put up with criticism as well: Simone was too simple and trampling, Rebecca too sweet, Marie-Luise not a little elegant. Well, the fight is getting tougher! And already after the photo session there was a first decision. Simone had to go, his performance without energy left the dream of Germanys Next Top Model 2011 broke out… In the end, Heidi also had to get on the trapeze and showed the familiar smile to pay off her poker gambling debts with her fellow judge.

++ Casting for Krüger at the Hofbräuhaus

After a little break and lots of fun in Vegas, the girls went to the next casting. This time for Kruger, a well-known manufacturer of traditional costumes. A new face was sought for the line Kruger madl – And what better place to pitch than at the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas? Although they were actually looking for a blonde girl, Rebecca got the job. Your energy convinced the dirndl makers and the shoot was a total success. Bad luck for the others, who found Rebecca’s behavior totally exaggerated. Is it just envy or are you right? What you think?

++ Challenge: rock out at the Elvis Theater

A model must be versatile and have no inhibitions to get out of the way. There is no new wisdom for all Germanys Next Topmodel fans. So it was time to get on stage and let it rip! And it was worth it, because the winner of this challenge can travel to Iceland and spend a vacation in a luxury hotel there. And who did it Surprise and envy – although Amelie was the best, she left Benefit for Marie-Luise on the basis that it had undergone the greatest development to date.

++ Live-Walk: Haute Couture

This week “doing nothing” was the order of the day on the catwalk. According to Heidi Klum, the hardest part of the haute couture walk. Straight look, no sexy poses and just don’t laugh! Despite Jorge’s advice, not all GNTM candidates do well, so Marie-Luise and Tahnee had to compete again before the jury could decide which of them had no chance of winning the title. “Germanys Next Top Model 2011” has more. In the end, it wasn’t enough for Tahnee. It would have been better if he had accepted Jorge’s walking advice and not fooling around …

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