GNTM: ¡Franziska está afuera!

GNTM: Franziska is out!

Heidi Klum’s top model

wanted04/01/2011 | 11:35

Yesterday it was said again for a GNTM candidate “Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo for you today” – for Franziska. She was the only one who was sent home by Heidi Klum and her fellow jury members.

Heidi Klum is looking for the next top model from Germany.

On yesterday’s episode of GNTM, the girls were again looking forward to some tasks and challenges. In addition, candidates who have not yet had to go to the hairdresser in London have been redesigned. This time, tears flowed down every inch of hair that was cut …

Yesterday’s photoshoot turned out to be particularly hot – prospective models had to wallow in bed with a male model in lingerie in pairs. They were photographed by star photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

However, the challenge alerted animal rights activists in advance. Heidi Klum’s candidates had to think of a little Scatch in overalls. According to animal rights activists, a monkey has no place on a television; However, ProSieben rejected these allegations, stating that the monkey was already experienced in Hollywood, used to filming, and that all animal welfare requirements had been met. In the end, the coveted photos were redistributed. This time Natascha and Franziska were the last to tremble together before the jury. In the end, he beat up 18-year-old Franziska from Potsdam.

Image source: gettyimages