GNTM: Heidi Klum también tiene curiosidad por cómo será la nueva temporada

GNTM: Heidi Klum is also curious about what the new season will be like

GNTM: Heidi Klum is also curious about what the new season will be like

All the new things?

wantedon 02/26/2013 | 10:31

The new season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” begins on Thursday at ProSieben. Fans of the casting show are already looking forward to the new candidates, photoshoots and challenges that Heidi Klum will present to potential models on “GNTM”. But Heidi Klum herself still doesn’t know exactly what will happen this season.

The eighth season of the casting show “Germany’s Next Top Model” is being filmed for the first time by a new production company. After seven successful seasons, ProSieben decided to start over. Heidi Klum is as excited as her fans to see what the new “GNTM” will look like.

“I’m a little nervous because this year I’m working with a whole new production team who have never done the show before. Before we were a well-rehearsed group, everyone knew everyone and everyone involved had learned a lot about fashion over the seven years. Now all of a sudden there are a lot of new people who wanted to create a new look. Of course, you worry about how the show will look in advance. I get the first episode shortly before it airs. I hope they did a good job, “revealed Heidi Klum from the” Gala “about the new season of” GNTM “.

GNTM: Anything new in season eight?

Heidi Klum first had to involve the new producer on the show while filming the eighth season of “GNTM.” “Personally, I don’t like trash TV or the colorful birds that are featured on the show. I like the real thing. Fashion sessions with great photographers, with whom I or other well-known models have already worked a lot. So the new team often had to listen to me: No, that would not happen like this, “Heidi Klum explained about her wishes about” GNTM “. New for this season is that Heidi Klum and her fellow jury members Thomas Hayo and Enrique Badulescu will pick up some of the “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidates at hometo share the good news of your progress with them. The other changes to be made to “Germany’s Next Top Model” will be revealed from Thursday.

“Germany’s Next Top Model” is back and we are as excited as Heidi Klum to see how the new production company “GNTM” will be unveiled.

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