GNTM: ¿El candidato Lovelyn es simplemente inocente?

GNTM: Is candidate Lovelyn simply innocent?

GNTM: Is candidate Lovelyn simply innocent?


wanted04/22/2013 | 09:50

GNTM candidate Lovelyn has been arguing very diligently with the girls lately. Above all, the argument with Meike caused quite a stir. But maybe it seemed that Lovelyn was the innocent one? Now, GNTM candidate Marie also complains about Lovelyn’s behavior.

The beautiful Marie from GNTM is now playing with Lovelyn. “She is always scared and angry for the rest of the week.because sometimes he just can’t control himself, ”complains Marie. It seems that Marie couldn’t stand the behavior of competitor Lovelyn at all: “She is a diva”adds Marie from GNTM.

GNTM: Is Lovelyn innocent?

After his GNTM colleague Lovelyn learns that something like this is thrown at his head, he becomes quite upset. Hearing the word Diva, Lovelyn immediately drops the penny and knows that name can only come out of the mouth of GNTM competitor Marie. But Lovelyn is convinced of himself: “Maybe she has a problem with me, I don’t know, but I don’t care, if she says that, it’s her opinion, I don’t see it that way.”

GNTM: Are the others just jealous?

GNTM’s gorgeous brunette knows what to do now: “I’ll get out of your way now, I don’t want to have anything to do with people like that. “she reveals. Is Lovelyn a bitch or is her campaign partner Marie just jealous ?: “Maybe she says that because I am a competitor for her, I don’t know, “affirms Lovelyn. This would be possible in any case, because recently Lovelyn has received a lot of praise from the GNTM jury and maybe the other girls don’t get along and criticize Lovelyn.

We’re excited to see who Candidate Lovelyn will mess with next, because Cat War is simply part of GNTM and it makes the show even more entertaining!

Image source: facebook / Germany’s Next Topmodel