GNTM-Jacqueline: ¡El hombre de tus sueños debe tener sentido del humor!

GNTM-Jacqueline: The man of your dreams must have a sense of humor!

GNTM-Jacqueline: The man of your dreams must have a sense of humor!

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wantedthe 04/11/2013 | 11:43

What is GNTM-Jacqueline’s dream man like? The leggy candidate now talks about the perfect boyfriend.

Jacqueline, candidate for GNTM, is just sweet 16 yearsBut GNTM’s extraordinary beauty with fluffy brown hair already knows exactly what is important to her in a man!

GNTM Candidate Jacqueline Doesn’t Like Bad Boys

While GNTM candidate Luise recently stated that she has a soft spot for males, her competitor Jacqueline appears a different taste for men have: The sweet GNTM candidate loves romantic guys.

GNTM: Does the man of your dreams have to be religious?

Jacqueline was picked up from the church in the first episode by GNTM. Her faith is very important to the 16-year-old “Germanys Next Topmodel” candidate, after all she wants to become a pastor if the modeling career after GNTM doesn’t work out. Surprisingly, when it comes to the qualities Jacqueline mentions for the man of her absolute dreams, religiosity doesn’t come first: “He should definitely have a sense of humor and be empathetic. I want to be able to talk to him ”, reveals the student in the“ Bravo ”interview. And the romantic streak is also important to Jacqueline in a man. “I’m already a desperate romantic: red roses, a table in a cozy restaurant, something like that,” explains brunette GNTM her idea of ​​a perfect date.

We would have been very surprised if Jacqueline was into bad boys or macho. We keep our fingers crossed that the humorous romantic will one day be on the mat with candidate GNTM!

Image Source: Facebook / Germany’s Next Top Model