GNTM: ¡Janna está fuera!

GNTM: Janna is out!

+ + Fashion Fight: The Big Box Shoot +


All that was preparation for the big photo session the next day: behind the camera is the jury. Enrique Badulescor. There has never been a boxing session on Germany’s Next Top Model, explains Heidi Klum. Although Christine she looked so good during training, she really doesn’t work well during filming, she’s scared, shooting partner Marie hurt. May he has no inhibitions and blows, which is what provokes discussion among the girls. Although she hadn’t trained, she also Janna Gas. “She really polished my face”He says Veronica. But his facial expression is too weak, Heidi criticized after filming. Becomes the best May chosen one! So you don’t have to worry about the photo of the day of your decision.

+ + The hidden casting: who looks better in a tutu? + +

After football and boxing, it’s the next day ballet! What the girls don’t know: it’s a hidden casting for a photoshoot in the German magazine Gala. Instead of a face mask, helmet, and boxing gloves, candidates now don a pink tutu. At first, Maike doesn’t take the matter very seriously. But then all of a sudden the magazine’s editor-in-chief stands in front of her and the girls realize: Now she’s getting serious! Finally, the following are selected: Marie, Carolin and Sabrina. The next day, they will be photographed classy on a roof in Los Angeles.

+ + Basketball fashion show + +

During a basketball game, girls are supposed to host a mini fashion show during the halftime break. The girls give their best to the cheers of the audience, mostly male. But there were changes before the hike, because they had to decide for themselves in what order to run.

+ + Decision day at the skate park + +

In Venice Beach, at a skate park, the girls have to prove themselves one last time before the big decision. Who stays cool while the skaters race down the halfpipe? For Janna, Germany’s Next Top Model adventure is over. Your performance just wasn’t enough. Sabrina Embarrassing Panty Flash Occurs! Instead of straightening her dress, she presents her nude panties throughout the ride. But she’s still sure about the photo. “It wasn’t your week” judges the jury on Jacqueline. But he still has another chance. For the last 11 girls, there will be next week New York!

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