GNTM: Larissa es intimidada

GNTM: Larissa is bullied

GNTM: Larissa is bullied

Then the drama: The girls had to choose two candidates who weren’t allowed to attend the Vogue Eyewear casting. And surprise: Larissa, of course, was eliminated. “Go back to Austria”, Handle Go to they in. Chick broke under the arguments Sarina crying together, although Larissa must have been crying, Sarina cried for her: “I think that is unfair. They are all against Larissa. I would cry all the time if it were her. ” Here too Larissa showed strength. In response to the collective rejection, she only said: “Girls, I know you don’t want me here. But honestly: the more they hug me, the stronger I become, the more ambition I develop and the less they get rid of me ”.

“He is quite strong for his 16 years”, Sarina said and Larissa consoled her: “I’m tough, I can do it.” Larissa was sick from the cheerleading challenge and still crawled into performance. No one thanked him for that, even the strong Austrian became sad. Panelist Peyman admonished the girls to have more harmony: “Bullying is out of the question here.”But will that help?

What do you say to Larissa? Has she put herself in the position of an outsider or is she just being bullied?

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