GNTM: Lena Gercke da consejos de estilo

GNTM: Lena Gercke gives style tips

GNTM: Lena Gercke gives style tips

The right style

wantedon 03/13/2013 | 15:22

Young models are currently fighting for the title of “Germanys Next Top Model” on ProSieben. One who already has the GNTM victory in her pocket is Lena Gercke. The pretty blonde won the first season of the popular casting show in 2006.

The big makeover will take place on Thursday at GNTM. In 2006, Lena Gercke had to sit in the dreaded chair and let her hair down. However, in hindsight, the Marburg native liked her new short hairstyle. To this day, Lena Gercke only wears her blonde hair just below her shoulder and with this look she lands job after job. She has just become the new face of Karstadt and presents the new brands and new looks of the department store chain.

Barely recognized: Lena Gercke, 2006 GNTM winner

At GNTM, however, the style of candidates is not only in the forefront when it comes to a makeover. It doesn’t matter if with one Casting, a challenge or just sightseeing – The girls’ styles are one of the reasons why so many women tune in to “Germanys Next Topmodel” on Thursday nights. Lena Gercke knows this too well.

GNTM: Lena Gercke shows sure hand

Lena Gercke was also able to win the first season of GNTM because she always showed a classy hand for the shows and outfits on the show. Now, the successful presenter allowed GNTM candidates to share their extensive fashion knowledge in an interview. “People shouldn’t get into anythingWhat is really in style right now, but it doesn’t fit your own style at all. You should try it, but never feel disguised, then you can appear confident, “said the 25-year-old model in an interview with Karstadt. The following style advice from Lena Gercke is not so easy for the girls of “Germanys Next Topmodel” to follow: “It is best to ask your best friend for advice.. These are the people who tell you honestly if something suits you or not. “

Our beloved GNTM, Lena Gercke, shows not only style, but versatility as well: we would hardly have recognized her at Irina Schrotter’s show earlier this year at Berlin Fashion Week!

Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images for Sava Nald