GNTM: Luisa Hartema en la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York 2013

GNTM: Luisa Hartema at New York Fashion Week 2013

GNTM: Luisa Hartema at New York Fashion Week 2013

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wantedon 02/15/2013 | 15:18

Luisa Hartema was named “Germany’s Next Top Model” in 2012 at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne by Heidi Klum and her jury. Now blonde GNTM East Frisian shows up for the second time at New York Fashion Week.

Almost seven months ago, a big dream came true for Luisa Hartema: the tall East Frisian woman won the ProSieben casting “Germany’s Next Top Model”, GNTM for short. In addition to numerous shows at Berlin Fashion Week in January, Luisa Hartema also organized a fashion show at New York Fashion Week 2013.

Luisa Hartema was named GNTM in the summer of 2012!

The young label “Czar by Cesar Galindo“Let the German beauty strut down the catwalk with two outfits: on the one hand, Luisa Hartema presented one printed dress with bow tie and on the other hand a colorful Sequin Pendants with long leather cuffs. “Czar by Cesar Galindo” has already booked another GNTM with Sara Nuru in the past.

Luisa Hartema has her own apartment in New York thanks to GNTM

Given the great potential and the place of residence of Luisa Hartema, her Appearance at New York Fashion Week 2013 not a big surprise. The 18-year-old East Frisian lives after all since his victory in GNTM in one Model apartment in the Big Apple. The second home in the Big Apple was part of GNTM’s earnings in addition to a cover shoot, model contract, and car. Luisa Hartema can now optimally coordinate castings and adjustments for New York Fashion Week 2013 on the spot.

We are pretty sure that Luisa Hartema could be the first GNTM winner to make an international breakthrough! The 2013 New York Fashion Week show was a big step in that direction. Image Source: Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images for Laurel