GNTM-Luisa despega

GNTM-Luisa takes off

GNTM-Luisa takes off

In front of the owner of the modeling agency “OneEins” Günther Klum was happy: “We have never had as many high-profile inquiries as we did with her.”

With her look it is not surprising: Luisa Hartema has the perfect face for the big catwalks. Her signature look is the cool bob that looks great on cool North Frisian. Also, Luisa is young enough to succeed.

At Fashion Week Luisa hartema Although it was “only” seen on two shows, on Minx and on Soccx, Papa Klum explains this as follows: “In theory, it would have worked more often. The consultations were there, but there were time problems. Luisa’s demand is simply enormous ”.

Career instead of high school diploma: At first it was said that GNTM 2012 Luisa wanted to go to school first to get her Abitur. Now the 17-year-old is heading straight to New York, where she was very well received during her time on Germany’s Next Top Model. “I have a reservation for New York Fashion Week in September and will be staying for two weeks.” Luisa told the magazine OK!. Then decide if you want to stay there. “I want to show everyone that I was right to win.”

too Rebecca Me– the secret winner in 2011 after Jana Beller left the Klum’schen modeling agency – is a huge success. She was hired six times at Berlin Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Luisa Hartema, like some other models, has left the agency “One Eins”! Find out more here: Luisa Hartema leaves Papa Klum’s agency!