GNTM: cambio de imagen

GNTM: makeover

GNTM: makeover

+ + The big makeover + +

But the time has finally come! But only ten of the 21 girls have been redesigned: Laura D., Aysa, Lisa, Erica, Lena, Jovana, Chiara, Jüli, Katharina and Darya. In the eyes of the jurors, they have it absolutely necessary! While Erica is actually moaning all the time, supposedly her head hurts, she hates her purple hair, and everything is actually stupid, Chiara’s natural curls take shape. Then it looks like an angel!

And Lisa gets a mega makeover too. Your hair will be even shorter and whitish blonde. She is super enthusiastic and also the best in the next setcard session. Back at the model villa, Zicke Erica is catapulted further and further aside with his bad temper. Will this behavior also make you look bad to the jury?

+ + The decision walks + +

Daniela can plan a fashion show and decide who runs and when. She uses herself first, of course. After the walk, the decisions are made! Aysa continues, but the jury only now notices her Hello Kitty tattoo on her right foot. She stabbed herself when she was drunk!

For Laura W., sadly, the dream is over: she has to fly home again. Ariana also does not receive a photo of Heidi. Otherwise, everyone is connected, a total of 19 girls. And next week the terror of the bitch will continue: But this time it is not Erica who is the bitch!

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