GNTM: María en la sesión de caimanes

GNTM: Maria in the Alligator Session

GNTM: Maria in the Alligator Session

Brave, brave – Maria, Candidate in Germany’s Next Top Model, she acted like a pro in front of the camera and didn’t let the gator “Goliath” bother her: in the casting of episode 8, she prevailed over her peers and was allowed to work for the sunglasses company. “Vogue Glasses” – for whom Gisele Bündchen also modeled – standing in front of the camera.

The shooting with the dangerous animal took place in a glamorous villa in Miami. To be sure, the alligator’s mouth was tied, but it also harbors other dangers. Animal trainer Bob Freer explained beforehand: “The most dangerous thing for Maria today will be the animal’s tail. The alligator could just throw it into the pool in one fell swoop. “ Fortunately, nothing happened, the alligator remained calm. Top photographer Esther Haase was enthusiastic about Maria and her stamina, because the shoot with the animal took hours! “She’s fantastic, she didn’t complain once and she did a great job.”

For GNTM candidate Maria, the grueling session was definitely worth it – she is the new face of Vogue Eyewear / Apollo Optik and can be seen in the ad campaign (see image)!

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