GNTM: se requieren habilidades de persuasión

GNTM: persuasion skills required

GNTM: persuasion skills required

Voluntary departure?

Anne Lüftnerthe 04/03/2016 | 11:55

In the fifth episode of this year’s “Germany’s Next Topmodel” season, yesterday everything was dominated by the elements: the models soared into the air and on the most important catwalk, the candidates became Girls on Fire! But the water also played an important role: the jury’s decision brought down great tears.

In this year’s “GNTM”, everyone will fight. Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky compete with each other week after week and want to emerge from the contest as brilliant winners with their models. Yesterday, too, the girls did their best to inspire their trainers and star photographer Robert Erdmann photographed them as Amazons at dizzying heights.

The head of the jury, Heidi Klum, only had words of praise for most of the candidates and saw the greatest potential in Thomas Hayo’s team: the beauties went to New York as a reward! The girls around Michael Michalsky, however, traveled to Miami, which was particularly valuable to candidate Luana.

The 19-year-old convinced those responsible for “Shape” and thus got her first cover shoot for one of the most famous sports and fitness magazines. Yusra would have liked to see herself on the cover as well, but she couldn’t exactly shine due to her negative charisma. Michael Michalsky, in particular, was disappointed in his protégé “GNTM” and finally confronts her. However, instead of showing insight, the 18-year-old preferred to put on a grim face and closed herself off from criticism. During the decision walk he was able to convince amidst sources of fire and apologized to his mentor for his defiant behavior.

GNTM: Thomas is engaged

It was also exciting at Jasmins Walk, where the jury was supported by designer Eva Cavalli-Düringe. After the beauty worked diligently on her running style, she led Thomas and Heidi to almost euphoric hymns of praise, but then the shock: She was toying with the idea of ​​leaving the show, she confessed. The trigger was the “GNTM” of her friend Laura. Her coach Thomas Hayo then spoke to her conscience and Jasmin finally accepted her photo with a smile on her face. In addition to Laura, Jennifer also had to say goodbye to her classmates. Jennifer, in particular, could hardly believe it and could no longer hold back the tears. So currently it’s 8: 7 for the creative director. Can Michael catch up next week?

The little fight between the jurors brings a new impetus to “GNTM” and already lets the emotions simmer. The jury has rarely been as close to the girls as this year, so we can be excited to see which candidates will sneak into the hearts of Thomas, Michael and Heidi.

Image source: GettyImages / Alberto E. Rodríguez