Frases GNTM: ¡Heidi, ya no podemos oírlo!

GNTM Phrases: Heidi, we can’t hear it anymore!

Heidi kissing parade

Even if this Heidi tic is not a saying, he is still very much present in every episode of GNTM: his kisses really extremely strong. If you don’t have a photo for one of your girls, there is a consolation a very loud MUAH – or if they go in a round, there’s a kiss on top. Meanwhile jurors Michael and Thomas are pissed off, the model mom just doesn’t miss an opportunity to loudly press her peers’ cheeks. And to show the frequency and volume of this parade of kisses, has Ü I cut a little video and it sweetened our day. We can present: Natural kiss from Heidi Klum

Today is the day of decision again

Even if Heidi can be a bit more creative during an episode, for example, with sentences like “We are not looking for Miss Mall” – Before the live walk, at the latest, start the phrase machine. With the mantra “Today is the day of decision again”. Oh, who would have thought?

Only one can become Germany’s next top model

“Only one can become Germany’s next top model …”: The closer to the end, the more often this sentence is unpacked. It’s a bit like praying the rosary, it’s so mesmerizing. I bet no one would notice the next time Heidi said: “Only two of you can become Germany’s Next Top Model?”

You have to get more out of yourself!

We come to the popular sentences that announce the expulsion of a poor candidate. Guaranteed in the top ten ByeBye indicators: “You are not versatile, a model has to be able to show many facets.”(Hmmm, doesn’t Heidi always have the same smile?) or “You have to get more out of yourself.”

You are beautiful, but …

“You’re beautiful”. Danger! When this phrase comes out of Heidi Klum’s mouth, it means march of tears, because after a long and dramatic pause it usually comes “But sadly, that alone is not enough.”

We see great potential in you, but …

A phrase that should not be missing in any program: “We see great potential in you, but you don’t show us.” Followed by a significant pause, after which redemptive words usually fall “He has to improve next week.” Same procedure as every week …

Show us that you can

But Heidi can also motivate. Really! Okay, his repertoire is small, but at least he tries. Model mom always likes to cross her lips “Show us that you can. We believe in you, why not? “ Yes, Heidi, why? Maybe because the girls clean themselves regularly?

If you don’t speed up now …

Motivation also includes all variations of the gas phrase: That’s where we hear “Speed ​​up”, “Now you have to really accelerate again”, “If it doesn’t accelerate now, then …”

Do you want to win this?

Put a strict look, a pause and when the poor girl has tears in her eyes, shortly before Heidi hands her the photo, the candidate receives a totally superfluous slogan: “Do you want to win this?”. Then at the latest the tears flow and he makes sure you give it your all. We are eagerly waiting for a candidate to respond: “Well, I thought I’d give it a try …”

I don’t have a photo for you today!

And the end, always the same climax of the decisive drama, which seems to go on for two hours … Well? Right: “Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for you today!” Please, dear Heidi, give our ears some variety!

We realized …

After the usual kiss (mbwah-mbwah on both cheeks) the poor thing who got it this time inevitably follows Heidi’s professional statement: “We noticed that XY just couldn’t continue at this point. “ With the famous “modeling business is tough” look, of course …

You have to practice, practice, practice!

When a candidate has just moved on to the next round, the saying always comes up: “You have to practice, practice, practice!”. Yeah how do you say it so well? “You have to learn to run!”So let’s hope the girls always run diligently in their model villa.


On rare occasions, there is only praise for one of the girls on the jury. But when someone really does move on to the next round, Heidi usually gives an exuberant “Congratulations!” You would almost think it’s the candidates’ birthday, right? But at least they fought one more round.

To clench your teeth!

Teeth or clenching is not missing in any episode of GNTM. In reality, girls are no longer allowed to open their mouths, regardless of whether it’s a difficult photo shoot, client requests, or oppressive high heels: “If you want to get to the top, you have to grit your teeth.”

If you want the best dollars, you have to look great too

The truths come to light during the beauty checkup on the shows. Heidi continues to review the personal hygiene of her protégés and justifies it with the simple statement: “If you want the best dollars, you have to look great too!” Needless to say, the girls are being scrutinized not only by themselves, but also by several thousand viewers.

Heidi and sport

At the beginning of the relay, the girls are usually evaluated for their sportsmanship. Everyone has to show that they can bear the difficulties and that they want to keep their figure in good shape. Heidi takes it very seriously with sports, which she emphasizes over and over again. She particularly emphasizes how fit she is in contrast to other girls. In season three he even told the girls: “You have to get tough. I don’t want anything to wobble ”. Pretty strict …

Heidi and the staged food

Wow, makeover for “Germanys next top model”? Is Heidi doing her best against the skinny model mania and criticism of her show? Have you already noticed that the jury suddenly loves to show themselves with food? Regardless of whether it is a hamburger, a pizza or a kebab, everything is publicized and devoured. In a casting, she already emphasized: “I’m so hungry for this kebab.” Finally, the audience was allowed to accompany Heidi on her trip to the kebab shop and after she had probably eaten the kebab, she emphasized: “Well, I could have had another one now.”. We didn’t take this staging of her entirely, did we?

Now let’s see what the girls are doing!

For some time, Heidi Klum has attached great importance to “documentation character” in GNTM. This is reflected in the fact that everything is constantly documented, because both girls have handheld cameras, but Heidi is also being followed by a camera behind the “camera”. Her long-time favorite when it comes to a photoshoot or the villa: “Now let’s see what the girls are doing!” And when they don’t greet the model mom at the door, they come: “Where are everybody?”