GNTM: final prematuro para Bingyang

GNTM: premature end for Bingyang

GNTM: premature end for Bingyang

Force Majeure

wantedon 03/15/2013 | 10:31

Those who leave GNTM usually find out about this through the words, which have now become a cult, “Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture for you today” by Heidi Klum. Bingyang did not hear these words, but he is still outside.

For GNTM candidate Bingyang, the dream of being a top model came to an end sooner than expected. For many, the beautiful Chinese woman was one of the Top Favorites, but now Bingyang no longer has a chance to win GNTM.

GNTM: The dream is over for Bingyang

But not model mother and GNTM jury board member Heidi Klum sent the 19-year-old home. Rather, it was force majeure: Bingyang did not obtain a visa for the US, and therefore was not allowed to travel from Dubai to Los Angeles.where it was for the girls on the show last night Bingyang was also unable to participate in the legendary makeover, in which, as always, a tear or two fell. But Bingyang is trapped in her dream of becoming a top model. If not in GNTM, elsewhere.

GNTM has clear rules

Former GNTM candidate Bingyang applied for a US visa twice and was rejected twice. No exception was made for “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Bingyang, who was born in Cologne and is now studying music and dance here, is understandably devastated, but she is still combative and continues to believe in her dream: “When I think about it, tears flow from my eyes. But you should always go further and so do I. Life goes on. Everything will be fine. I would like to continue working as a model, whether professional or not. I love work, so I won’t give up. ” GNTM candidate Leandra also has to put up with not becoming a top model just yet. At least not on the Heidi Klum show, because the model mom unfortunately didn’t have a photo for the 18-year-old last night.

We’re sorry that Bingyang didn’t get a chance at GNTM, because we think it would have been a favorite! But thanks to his positive attitude, Bingyang will go a long way, we are sure of that!

Image Source: Facebook / BingyangTopmodel2013