GNTM: ¡Así que fue el episodio 4!

GNTM: So it was episode 4!

GNTM: So it was episode 4!

18 girls flew from Munich airport into the South African sun this week – some exciting challenges awaited them! The girls hung out in extravagant, oversized clothes “Germany’s Next Top Model – by Heidi Klum” In episode 4 on o-rings balanced on swings, it’s not so easy to take a great photo. The GNTM jury saw that too Kristian Schuller so: “In fact, it is one of the most difficult photoshoots. I have the opportunity to see if you have talent and develop ”.

“I have to work really hard because Kristian is taking the photos. You can see us very well ”.said Leyla (19). Y Hanna (18) went to set with mixed feelings: “I’m not that good at gymnastics and I have little strength in my arms. I’m curious to see how I can fasten the rings. ” Kristian built the 18-year-old: “The pain goes away, the photo stays.”

And more surprises awaited the GNTM girls: In Foundry For the designer Malick, they not only had to demonstrate their modeling skills, but also their English skills. Then they packed their bags and we went to another Fashion metropolis: New York! But before the candidates conquer the runways of the world, Heidi Klum had invited a runway coach. “She is a supermodel and one of the best on the runway – Coco rocha. She will teach the girls to run “Heidi was happy.

In the end I had to Firewood, To line up Y Petra pack your bags.

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