GNTM: a Sophie no le gusta su nuevo look

GNTM: Sophie doesn’t like her new look

GNTM: Sophie doesn't like her new look

Blonde instead of brown

wantedon 03/19/2013 | 10:16

The GNTM episode in which the candidates are redesigned is probably one of the teariest and therefore extremely interesting for viewers. Then the girls have to deal with the drastic changes on their own. Even if they barely recognize themselves!

From dark brown to white blonde! What in “real life” sometimes a few months to think about it needs, it runs on GNTM in the express program.

GNTM-Sophie after the makeover

In the now-cult GNTM makeover sequence, the top model candidates hardly have a voice and almost everyone has to. Color, cut and makeup experiments the stylist holds. And they really work hard. In the case of candidate Sophie, it was decided to give to dye brown-black white-blonde hair – It couldn’t be more drastic even with GNTM! The 23-year-old, who is otherwise also very interested in experimenting when it comes to styling, fully trusted Heidi’s stylists, and is amazed at the result!GNTM: Sophie hardly recognizes herself!

On the day of the GNTM makeover, Sophie barely let it show that she was by no means satisfied with her new white blonde short haircut. The flamboyant candidate simply smiled in surprise at her drastically changed appearance. But in an interview with ProSieben, she said in retrospect: “I still haven’t gotten used to it, I get scared every time I look in the mirror!” In general, she has nothing against short blonde hair, but she currently sees herself. even I prefer a brunette. But whoever participates in GNTM is unfortunately not in charge of their appearance. “At the moment I would rather have dark hair because I was a little tired of looking at the blonde. I’ve had it for a long time, ”GNTM-Sophie complained.

Well, whoever participates in GNTM hands over the styling scepter to Heidi and her team. You know it in advance and therefore there is no point in complaining. Sophie seems to know that and complies with the ideas of the model mom. We really like Sophie’s new hair color. However, we can also understand that one can have problems with such a drastic change.

Image Source: Facebook / SophieTopmodel2013