GNTM: ¡Tessa está fuera!

GNTM: Tessa is out!

GNTM: Tessa is out!

On the one hand we scream “Finally!”, but somehow we will miss Tessa a little. Who gives us new material to blaspheme? In any case, yesterday he had to go after more antics. It’s true that Tessa couldn’t really deal with the criticism, she even showed the jury the finger behind her back. Too bad a photographer was already lurking there.

And how are you doing with Tessa? There seems to be no shortage of jobs: the latest example of this is a series of hairstyles in the women’s magazine Bild der Frau.(to be published on March 14, 2009). Almost too cute, we have never seen Tessa so good. Check the new photos of tessa in the gallery!

At last the moment had come: the great Hair cutting and dyeing I was in the fifth episode of Germany’s Next Top Model to. And once again there were great dramas and gnashing of teeth from the contending top model when she was completely helpless in the hands of Heidi klums Stylist Helena Faccenda had to go.

Larissa Marolt, New entry in episode 4, caused stress in advance: “I want to know what hair color I’m going to wear, otherwise I won’t”she complained. Heidi gave him an ultimatum: “Either you trust us or you don’t trust us. If not, there will be a plane to Germany at four! “ After the makeover, there were all kinds of reactions; you can take a look at the results below. Made the most blatant change Tamara Con: Your long blonde hair will be short and brown.

What else happened? Ex-Spice Girl graduated on the rooftops of Los Angeles Mel B with the best models Physical trainingthat the girls sweated. And for one Shoot balloons A floating rope ladder required maximum concentration and control of the body. Tessa embarrassed before filming – she he has to wash his feet. “When you get to work, you are shaved, your hair is freshly washed, and your hands and feet are well groomed. But Tessa came to the set with black feet and totally dirty. “Heidi Klum explained. All about season four Germany’s Next Top Model in special grease Mä!