GNTM: Eso pasó

GNTM: That happened

+++ decision at the beginning +++

Right at the beginning of the ninth episode of GNTM 2013, Heidi has to decide: Leonie or Jacqueline, who comes next? Jacqueline she has to quit the show and can’t hold back her tears.

+++ Transformation artist André J. +++“So what is that?” question Luise confused? Transformation artist André J. he makes the girls uneasy with his androgynous appearance: whale hair and beard, minidress with leather harness. It’s supposed to show girls how to get into different roles. First of all, girls need to be convincing like boys: with beards, caps and baggy pants, they should look as masculine as possible. Carolin I can’t relax and “He doesn’t want to make a monkey”. She promptly receives the receipt from André J .: “She thinks she’s a diva!”

+++ Casting for a fashion magazine +++

Then he goes to the casting. A German fashion magazine is looking for models for a 10-page photo series. Girls have to put what they have learned into practice immediately and go out of their way. Sabrina he distributes his phone number like crazy and flirts endlessly, Luise ask strangers to sing with her. Marie beats them all – Confidently sign autographs without asking and scare the paparazzi AKA tourists! Alone Carolin As a “flirtatious nerd” it is extremely difficult.

++ Who gets the job? +++

Marie, Sabrina and Luise are on the short list. Marie gets the job! The disputes will start soon, Sabrina is convinced that Marie only got the job because she had nicer clothes. Instead of joy, Marie is disappointed in discontent. The next morning the shoot is due and Marie still does a great job.