GNTM: Thomas Hayo habla sobre el top model perfecto

GNTM: Thomas Hayo talks about the perfect top model

GNTM: Thomas Hayo talks about the perfect top model

She must have it!

wantedthe 04/03/2013 | 14:09

“Germanys Next Top Model” has been searching again since last Thursday. “GNTM” juror Thomas Hayo now reveals what exactly makes a top model.

Thomas Hayo reveals what, in his opinion, a girl needs to be a top model. In any case, the face is not decisive for the “GNTM” jury.

GNTM Thomas Hayo jury reveals what a top model should have

Since February 28, we have been able to search for “Germany’s Next Top Model” to be there. But what do girls need to have a real shot at winning the coveted title? The “GNTM” jury Thomas Hayo said in the interview “OK!”: “It is not so important that it is the perfect geometric face. It has to be photogenic and interesting.. Over the years a very good eye develops. ” Thomas Hayo in the new jury of “GNTM”

In the current season of “GNTM”, Thomas Hayo is with the Photographer Enrique Badulescu a new member of the jury next door. The distribution of roles between the two also seems to have cleared up, as Thomas Hayo now revealed: While paying attention to the formation of the “GNTM” candidates, Enrique takes care of the evening program and the fun..We are happy that “GNTM” has started a new season, and we are already very excited to see who will finally be interesting enough to be graced with the title “Germany’s Next Top Model”.Image source: gettyimages / Steffen Kugler