GNTM: ¡Thomas Rath regresa!

GNTM: Thomas Rath is back!

GNTM: Thomas Rath is back!

Movie Editing

wantedon 03/27/2013 | 16:33

In the next episode of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, the candidates have to show their acting talent. In addition, they must learn to make their way through the jungle of the fashion industry. No one less than former juror Thomas Rath will help you with this!

The new episode of “GNTM” has the slogan “Film Edition”. The Heidi Klum girls should show how much acting talent they have. After all, in the modeling business, it’s not just important to look good. Girls also need to be able to move in front of the camera and show certain emotions when ordered. But being a model is more than working in front of the camera. Red carpet appearances, paparazzi and award ceremonies are a part of everyday life for true Hollywood stars, while “GNTM” candidates have yet to learn to deal with the bright world. For this reason, Heidi Klum brought back ex-jury Thomas Rath for the “Movie Edition” to “GNTM”. The designer is supposed to show girls how a real star behaves in public.

She also accompanies the “GNTM” candidates for a day around Hollywood, including the limo! Thomas Rath’s return to “GNTM” brings a smile to both fans and the jury. “I’m looking forward to seeing Thomas again because he will be bringing the girls ‘Thomas Rath’ clothes. We’ll see how the girls fit in there, how they look there, “revealed the jury of” GNTM “Thomas Hayo according to” “.

“GNTM”: Heidi Klum is happy for the return of Thomas Rath

Model mom Heidi Klum is also happy that former juror Thomas Rath is returning to “GNTM” again. “He’s someone who always brings a good mood,” Heidi Klum enthused about the designer. Unfortunately, Thomas Rath’s return doesn’t appear to be permanent – he’s only planned as a guest juror at the moment, though Heidi Klum has repeatedly emphasized how much she missed the designer on her jury. “GNTM” candidates can still expect advice from a true fashion professional who knows how to behave in the industry.

Good mood guarantor Thomas Rath will return, at least temporarily, to “GNTM,” one more reason to look forward to Thursday’s next episode.Image Source: © Bulls / AnitaBugge