GNTM: ¿Las chicas fueron acosadas?

GNTM: Were the girls harassed?

GNTM: Were the girls harassed?


wantedon 03/20/2013 | 16:21

It’s hard for the male sex to resist so many beautiful girls on GNTM. It can happen very quickly that the guys on the team do something with the GNTM candidates. A jury is rumored to have towed a girl.

Not surprisingly, GNTM candidates seek physical closeness. GNTM girls feel lonely because they do not have the opportunity to see their family or friends. The newspaper “Bild” now reports that Set employees how the cameramen and company sexually abused the GNTM girls. It is said that a girl was towed by a jury.

A GNTM candidate from season three reports: “There was a unit director who started something with a candidate. Of course they had sex, they were a real couple. The girl told me herself. “GNTM: Are the crew teasing Heidi’s girls?

Diana Ovchinnikova, candidate for the seventh season of GNTM, witnessed the situation and reveals what was going on in the minds of the men. “The cameramen were constantly flirting with us, girls and wanted to talk to us about sex. Really disgusting. A jury even towed one of the models, “said the 18-year-old GNTM candidate, surprised at the” Bild “.

What goes on behind the scenes at GNTM remains a mystery to us. But we hope the girls of this season are no longer bothered by the team, especially now after the debate on sexism!

Image source: Bulls / Bauer Griffin