GNTM: ¿Quién tiene las mejores oportunidades?

GNTM: Who has the best opportunities?

GNTM: Who has the best opportunities?

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wantedon 03/05/2013 | 14:52

Although the new GNTM season just started last week at ProSieben, there are already candidates ahead.

Also in the eighth season of “GNTM” Heidi Klum & Co are looking for new models again and already have your favorites after the first broadcast.

Will Höpke GNTM win?

As the German star magazine “Gala” shows in the current issue, there are girls in the top 25 originals on “GNTM” who are already way ahead. Especially Höpke, 19 the jury seems to have already impressed in the first broadcast. The 1.79-tall blonde with the unusual name was chosen by the “GNTM” jury in the last episode especially praised for his walk – although so far she has had little experience as a model.

The “GNTM” candidate Höpke on the road to success?

Höpke also seems to feel at home with “GNTM” and has already managed to find a friend among the other candidates. “Nancy because she is calm and direct. I like people who don’t pretend“, Höpke answered the question of the” Gala “, if he especially likes someone in” GNTM “. Otherwise, the nice blonde trusts a very special one. Lucky charm: the watch of a friend who also accompanied you to the first casting.

We are curious to see if Höpke will go far with “GNTM” and if it will continue to meet the jury’s expectations!Image Source: Facebook / Germany’s Next Topmodel