GNTM: ¿Quién está fuera?

GNTM: Who is out?

GNTM: Who is out?

Katherine – understandably – tears come. Her dress, which consists almost entirely of holes, is too transparent for her. Fortunately, you can wear a black evening dress. Sabrina Heidi Klum surprised her the day before on her parents’ farm, completely unprepared and unadorned, in the chicken coop – she does a 180 ° turn during filming, she looks great.

+ + The big fashion show in Dubai + +

Except the girls Katherine all 24 girls fly to Dubai. Once there, they are overwhelmed by the luxury that awaits them. in a 1000 m2 Suite They can be spread out full of pomp, gold and marble!

But the dream of luxury model life could immediately flare up again, because candidates have to be in “Amato Haute Couture Fashion ShowShow. Before that there is a runway workout with Heidi Klum. Good, but we miss Jorge terribly ”Chchrrrochche“ González. Training with him was so much more fun! But soon we will be able to see him again in “Let’s Dance”.

Shortly before the big fashion show, the new jury is introduced: photographerEnrique Badulescu He is the replacement for Thomas Rath. Marie immediately likes: “He looks like a charming pirate.”

Some of them are doing very well during the show, for example Ana Mariawho wants to work hard for his family in the Philippines. But May Run back and forth down the catwalk and Jacqueline He runs as stiff as a stick. Then the big mishap: Lisa you trip over your high heels and may stop at the last second. Marie bursting into tears, the show organizers forgot to send her onto the runway for the second walk.

+ + The night of the decision + +

The decision is near! Lisa and Höpke receive the first photos. As Heidi’s candidate Blackbird I just want to give your photo, you are surprised by the news that you quit smoking: “I’m not up to the pressure yet.”

Model folders are distributed. At the end it says: There are still four girls in front of the jury, but there is only one model folder left. Linda, Anna, Nancy and Lisa tremble. And the photo gets: Anna! The other three are flying home …