GNTM: ¿Por qué la candidata Sophie se ofreció como voluntaria?

GNTM: Why did candidate Sophie volunteer?

GNTM: Why did candidate Sophie volunteer?


wantedthe 04/02/2013 | 09:58

Every year there are candidates at GNTM who voluntarily drop out. This year Sophie dropped out of GNTM, but no one knew why – until now!

No one knew exactly why candidate Sophie left GNTM. Also in the online video magazine “Etage 7” from “” the moderators Benni and Melissa discuss Sophie’s departure with the beautiful Rebecca from the sixth season of GNTM.

GNTM candidate Sophie volunteered.

Now GNTM candidate Sophie reports in a video message that for his university studies you can no longer continue with GNTM. It still hurts her to have to leave the show, but she’s doing pretty well so far and the 23-year-old is sure she did the right thing.GNTM: Is Sophie telling the truth?

But is college the real reason for leaving? After all, it’s clear from the start that you have a away from home for a long period of time is when you are a participant of GNTM. According to rumors, it was even said that candidate GNTM had he has not given his real name. The magazine “OK!” You think Sophie’s departure is highly suspicious.We are curious to know what the real reason for the departure is. Perhaps the truth will soon come out and we will finally know why Sophie left GNTM.

Image source: facebook / Germany’s Next Topmodel