GNTM con acción

GNTM with action

GNTM with action

In the air – In a swing at a height of 10 meters the girls have to… well, swing. And stagger. And do gymnastics. And do a headstand. It is always new that the girls have to go up (no helicopters, etc.).

Then it goes to New York! At least for Team Thomas… and before the Ätschi-Bätschi-Rejoice girls who left and were better at swing throwing, Heidi announces that Team Michael can go to Miami in the sun! Hmm… is Miami cooler than New York?

New York – Julia, Taynara and Jasmin are on the independent cover. In Miami girls can audition for the cover of German SHAPE (what a surprise…). This means that Team Michael also has a magazine’s best known name on the hook. Is that the consolation prize because you’ve had to lose so many girls? In the end, Luana wins the race.

However, Yusra plays the super bitch, but didn’t she say that she isn’t and that she only appears on TV like that? Does not matter. In any case, now it’s really showing up. The bullying around King Michael fails, as expected, and Yusra responds. In the end, they agree that they cannot agree.

When shooting for the magazine Fashion avenue the girls of the Thomas team are thrown into the “cold water” and live true models. Because customers are not going to hug! You have your sunglasses on all the time, who wears sunglasses indoors at night? Anyway, Fata, Elena, and Elena get the job. Jennifer bursts into tears because it’s supposed to be “Fata, Fata, Fata” turns. Is the first real Zoff coming? Oh yeah, biiiittteeeeee!

work in groups on Team Michael: each of the girls is assigned to a person from Team Thomas to learn from them. Of course only hypothetical and metaphorical, the others are not there. Kim is supposed to act bad, he can’t and Michael subtly, no, mentions the language of Alex, Kim’s friend Assi, or “Honey” who thought his hairstyle was so stupid. Rivers of tears are pre-programmed. With Yusra, of course, it is a confrontation: he is agitated, she runs away and Heidi “Of course, remember that when you are naughty with the juries”. Drama baby

What is it really between fata and jennifer? She threatens: “If it were a punching bag … it wouldn’t survive!” Wtf? Did we lose something? Why is she mad at Fata? After all, there were others there. Maybe the mystery is still solved, maybe not and we can take it in #Cat war fee mark. In any case, it will take off at least once!

the pyrotechnics will be unpacked! During the decision walk, the girls have to run past the flames that shoot left and right. Heidi rightly babbles the cliché: “It doesn’t get any hotter!” Hopefully no hair will scorch. Eva Cavalli is part of the jury and evaluates the girls. And then Jennifer from Team Thomas has to go! Curse! We were so looking forward to a catfight!

Then it’s Laura from Team Thomas, she has to go home too. And Jasmin is going crazy! She wants to give up everything because her friend is leaving. What’s going on ?! But first we change the troublesome girl Yusra. And to Jasmin, because they both have to go to the catwalk together. Ugh, Yusra then apologizes and there are hugs from Michael, of course, a burden from her heart! Because Yusra now wants to accept criticism. Let’s see how long this resolution will last.

Then Jasmin unpacks: She wants to stop. Let’s go. Finite. The end. And that’s just because Laura is leaving, no. At least that’s what she says, but somehow you can’t believe it. Meanwhile, Yusra can proceed to the next round! Jasmin too, she stays there and Thomas thanks her. Ugh, done!

Final score: 8: 7 for Team Thomas yet

+ That happens in episode 5 +