GNTM: alarma zombi para los mejores modelos

GNTM: zombie alarm for the best models

GNTM: zombie alarm for the best models


wantedon 03/14/2013 | 13:57

“Germanys Next Topmodel” goes to the next round and this time a very special session awaits the “GNTM” candidates. You are in front of the camera with a zombie!

Photoshoots at “Germanys Next Topmodel” are known for repeatedly presenting “GNTM” candidates with great challenges. In previous seasons, young models had to pose with tarantulas, in the doorway of a flying helicopter, and underwater.. This time too, the “GNTM” jury around model mom Heidi Klum found something very special.

GNTM: Heidi Klum sends her girl in front of the camera with a zombie boy

Candidates for “GNTM” have to stand in front of the camera with a zombie. Canadian Rick Genest made a name for himself as a zombie boy due to his full body tattoo and it scares the “GNTM” girls quite a bit.. Viewers can see the result tonight on “Germanys Next Top Model” on ProSieben.

“GNTM”: Zombies and Makeover

The zombie boy already has some experience posing: for “Born This Way” he stood next to Lady Gaga in front of the camera. The “Germanys Next Topmodel” candidates, on the other hand, are very new to the modeling business and have little experience with photoshoots, especially when they have such an unusual colleague by their side.. Zombie boy Rick Genest doesn’t make it easy for the “GNTM” candidates either and shows himself from his wildest side. But that’s not the only challenge for girls to face this week. Notorious makeover is coming and many candidates fear for their hair. As with all seasons, girls should rely on the advice of Heidi Klum and her styling team if they want to get a job at “Germanys Next Topmodel” in the coming weeks. Because only those who do get a job get a photo of Heidi Klum at the end of “GNTM.”

It’s going to be wild with “Germanys Next Top Model” and we are so excited to see how the girls fight the zombie during filming and what dramas will unfold during the annual makeover.

Image source: © Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez